What will Make Your Future session comprise of ?

Make Your Future will be a one to one session with Mr. Chandrashekhar Patil where in your horoscope will be studied in detail.

We will first begin with explaining to your birth chart ie each of the twelve houses will be analysed and explained to you.

You will be able to understand whether current business or profession is suitable and fruitful for you or not corresponding to your horoscope. If not the most appropriate option for you would be suggested.

You will get to know if there are any kinds of dosha’s for eg. Kaal Sarpa Yog Dosha, ancestral curse or may be a planetary dosha due to which you are facing challenges in your life. Understanding which chakras it is affecting and what is its position in the bramharandra an appropriate solution for the same would be suggested.



Then we will explain to you about your Hora Kundali which is associated with the finances in your life. If your horoscope does not have Hora Kundali we will make one for you.

We will advise you how you should manage your finances depending on the corresponding Dasha through which your life is passing.

Guidance on whether you should indulge in stock market and real estate or not.

Explanation about the various Dashas would be given to you through which your life is going to pass along with the duration of each Dasha. This will in turn help you to understand the good period and the challenging period of your life’s journey.

If you are a student, career guidance would be given regarding which stream would be advisable for you.

If required suggestion would be given regarding wearing suitable gem stones.

Do’s and Don’ts of your life would be told to you which if implemented would change your life for better.

If you are nearing your retirement, guidance would be provided regarding the best way you should plan your retirement considering your field of experience.