About Make Your Future

Friends, I Mr. Chandrashekhar Patil, have been working on various physical diseases and psychological disorders at Rajyog Spiritual Healing Centre since past 16 years. Healing at Rajyog is the new ray of hope for those struggling from deadly illnesses.Today, Rajyog has treated and helped thousands from four continents of the world.

During this journey to serve mankind in my own way I realised that what a common man actually requires to live a fruitful life is guidance on various fronts like career, finance, do’s and don’ts of life etc. to understand his own life and to make it more meaningful.

This thought gave birth to the concept of “MAKE YOUR FUTURE” which is based on the science of “Spiritual Astrology”.

What is Spiritual Astrology?

It is a mystic science wherein we study horoscope using actual spiritual powers, intuition & vision to guide you about your life.If you don’t have your horoscope then also you can take benefit of this concept as the study and predictions are made not only on the horoscope but also on the basis of your aura, body vibrations, skin complexion and texture. Moreover it also includes the use of science of palmistry.

Need for Make Your Future

For any person to decide about his career it is very important that he should understand about the do’s and don’ts of his life. For example if somebody’s child is destined to study medicine and become a doctor but the parents force that child to study engineering then that child will not be able to do justice to the study of engineering. Similarly if a person is destined to become a businessman but educates himself focusing on the thought of taking up a job to earn his lively hood this won’t work either. Also this might result in that person wasting precious years of his life.Therefore career guidance astrologically and spiritually is very much essential which we can provide under the concept of Make Your Future.